Nonstop You! Sleeping at Terminal 1, hall C in Frankfurt

I really like the Lufthansa slogan “Nonstop You”. It appeals to my self-centered self :-). And looks very customer oriented. On my way to Frankfurt, it seemed a fitting slogan – good service, uneventful flight, even a sandwich.

On my way back – cancelled flight to Prague at 11 at night. A mob of a hudred Czech and German travellers, with a few Spanish thrown in, roam through Frankfurt airport. Little help from Lufthansa. “Someone has to responsible” shouts the Spanish lady. Klaus, the clerk at the Lufthansa desk, books me for the following morning (making me miss an important meeting) and tells me calmly there is no hotel room in Frankfurt and invites me to spend the night at the airport (he is not staying, however, it is just me – non-stop me!).

I will write more about this (and about when you can quickly build or destroy trust with your customers – in a crisis) when I recover from that somewhat lonely night. A tip if this ever happens to you –  Terminal 1, hall C, arrivals, is the best one for a sort of sleeping. You learn every day!

IMG_6173 IMG_6170

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