Irrational behavior and Songwriting, not to mention Emotional Intelligence

What is currently inspiring me? Giving me energy? Putting me in a PEA (positive emotional attractor)? I mean, besides starting a blog, which is pretty exciting by itself.

As always for myself,  learning and exploring new things – currently mainly at, one of the MOOC (massive online open courses) providers. I am especially thrilled by a class called  “A beginner’s guide to irrational behavior” by Dan Ariely – great content, great teaching, playful, engaging! And the impact – 60 thousand people watched some video lectures, 6000 people did all the exercises …

1305 statement accomplishment ariely

Coursera  raises quite a few questions, especially about being sustainable.  As it started for free,  it will be very difficult to make it payable later. Will the increased recognition and brand-building be enough to motivate the universities to provide content?

Also, free online courses provide great inspiration for trainings in general and online learning in particular. Dan Ariely’s lectures are not only strong on content, but on format too – photos, drawings, simple charts, audio effects. Many video lectures have little embedded quizzes to keep the audience’s attention. Another class I am taking, Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence, has a great personal journal to accompany the class (and also mentions the PEA – positive emotional attractor – a great thing overall), and Richard Boyatzis, who leads the class, stresses frequently how just watching the videos without doing the exercises, is pointless. Making me an active rather than a passive reader is a great advantage of online classed over just reading a book on the topic. In my Songwriting class provided by Berklee college of music, the highlight was uploading my songs to Soundcloud and getting comments on them from Ricardo in Argentina or Maria in Alma-Aty as well as providing my comments for them.

So, anybody wants to join me for Creativity, Innovation and Change, starting in September? Or just find your own topic and experiment. It is free!


P.S. My neighbor has welcomed two donkeys – a male and a female – in his field behind my house. It is such a pleasure to watch them! At first, Zuzka (the female) was not very friendly, but now, during the prolonged rains, as they spend lots of the time hiding in the shed, she is getting more cuddly (maybe another good blog topic)

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